Kudos - A Sampling

Quality from Experience

The Daly Construction team is proud of its customer service reputation. As these satisfied customers will attest, you can count on the care, expertise, and attention to detail you receive from Daly Construction.
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"In our absence, Paul took the initiative to oversee the work of the roofing contractor in the best interest of good construction work. At one point, he even replaced some roof sheathing which the roofing contractor had incorrectly installed and he worked with the building inspector to devise some needed framing details.

Meanwhile he kept me apprised, as need be, by telephone. One cannot overemphasize the value of this kind of care taken in the best interests of the project and the owner." ~ Tom Monahan

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"Paul Daly has integrity.  He listens to clients and always looks out for the client's best interest. These qualities set him apart from 95% of the contractors I've worked with in the past 20 years.

On top of that, Paul has tons of good experience, does high quality work, shows up every day he says he will, on time and with a smile on his face, and is a genuinely nice person.  What more could any owner ask for?  

You will never regret hiring Daly Construction." ~ Tina Greene
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It is our pleasure and good fortune to have known and worked with Paul Daly and Daly Construction for over 20 years. We can think of no better description of his work than to say we believe he is simply without equal in the Sacramento area.

In our 20 year working history, Paul has managed 2 major remodels of our Arden Park home, and numerous smaller interior and exterior improvement projects including a kitchen remodel, replacement of bath fixtures, travertine fireplace and incorporated display cupboard, landscape lighting, an outdoor deck, slump stone walls and entry courtyard, roofing and gutter repairs, and a water diversion system to prevent flooding and standing water under the house. He detected extensive major structural and environmental problems that occurred as a result of standing water from a broken pipe, and developed a comprehensive plan to appropriately assess, correct, and prevent a recurrence of the situation. Throughout each and every project, Paul has been ever conscious of balancing costs with what’s required for the right solution. His goal has always been to solve the problem permanently.

Whether the work is a large project or small, Paul begins by listening to what we want to accomplish, then gives options as to how that result can be achieved. He then provides a detailed line item proposal that anticipates “sticky points” that might be encountered during the project so that change orders and surprise costs can be minimized.

If a problem does arise, there has never been a debate about whether it is the responsibility of the homeowner or the contractor. Paul is committed to delivering a product of the highest quality, and if one of his sub-contractors gives a less-than-satisfactory performance, it has always been resolved quickly to our satisfaction, with Paul performing the work himself when he wants to be absolutely sure it is done right.

With so many positive experiences, one would be right in thinking that we had no reason to ever entertain the idea of using another contractor. Unfortunately, we decided to bid a garage remodel, just to be sure we were getting the best price. We went with a contractor whose bid was several thousand dollars less than what was submitted by Daly Construction. As we reviewed the bids with Paul, he pointed out where the other contractor’s bid failed to address certain potential problems, and where he believed a quality job just couldn’t be delivered at the price quoted. He stood firmly behind his bid, saying that it reflected what it would take to do the job right. Not only was Paul correct about the costs, but in the process of that ill-fated project, we were reminded how adversarial a construction project can become with the wrong contractor. Many months and many thousands of dollars later, we fired the contractor, and sheepishly begged Paul to come to our rescue. It speaks volumes about the kind of man he is that he not only agreed, but never said “I told you so”, never displayed any hint of a grudge, and completed all remaining work, including correcting the cut-corners of the original contractor, at the same rate he had quoted in his bid.

We consider ourselves most fortunate indeed to have Paul Daly as our contractor – and friend. ~ Genie Mann

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"Daly Construction came to replace an antiquated deck at my elderly mother's condo. When one removes a deck and has to crawl under the house (for the first time in years) to run irrigation line, surprises appear. Paul Daly personally went under the house and found broken HVAC ducts, electrical lines attached to nothing, leaking bathroom pipes, and dry rotted floor joists under the kitchen sink from a leak that we didn't know was occurring. Paul presented us with a six-inch mushroom which had been plucked from a cluster growing in the wet ground under my mother's bathroom.

Clearly, repair work was needed in addition to the deck replacement. When reviewing said work with Paul, I remember asking him, "Well can't you just do it such and such a way?" He said to me, and I'll never forget this, "It could be done that way, but I couldn't live with myself." In that moment I knew my mother's condo was in good hands, and that we had the modern miracle of having an ethical, caring, and honest contractor doing the job." ~ J. Fox

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"My wife and I had been considering a kitchen remodel for years, and after finally deciding to start the project we went to a custom cabinet company. After speaking with several contractors, we were concerned that we would not be able to afford the changes we wanted to make. Then we met with Mr. Paul Daly from Daly Construction. A friend of a friend referred us to Daly Construction. After checking their history and some of their references, they even offered to show us their work, which by coincidence was being done a few blocks away from our home. We toured the home and were impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the positive comments the homeowner had about Daly Construction. They met both our budget and schedule.

Their bid was VERY competitive and along with the fact that they could start immediately, we hired them. Mr. Daly gave us a 4-week estimate to complete our project.

The demolition crew showed up at precisely 9:00 am on Monday August 1st, (the day they said they would start). The only reason they took one extra week was due to delays in getting the kitchen cabinets. All change orders were handled fairly, although there were very few changes. Mr. Daly helped us clarify any discrepancies on our plans prior to signing the final contract. This helped us avoid making very many changes during the project.

We can't say enough about the crew. They were very professional, and took great pride in their work. Mr. Daly would always get our input when there were questions about the plans, and helped us with some of the many decisions we had to make during the project. Our home turned out better than we expected. Our neighbors and friends all rave about how good it looks.

We would definitely use Daly Construction again, and would recommend them to anyone, (including friends and family)." ~ Jim & Susan D.

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“Paul has remarkable managerial skills and set rigorous standards for the craftsmen. He trained them where necessary, showing them the value of pride in doing a good job.

Paul has been consistent in contacting and recontacting subcontractors and problems have been solved with creativity and decisiveness. He has a wonderful gift of communication with everyone, no exceptions.” ~ Clara Sharpless